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What’s a DEQXpert™?

DEQXpert is a new worldwide service available from certified DEQX agents that provides remote or onsite setup, configuration and system tuning. With either option, DEQX always works in collaboration with you; we need your hands and especially your ears! You are the final arbiter.

Using a remote connection we share the same DEQX CAL screen and you’re always free to ask any questions that come to mind as our agent relays his progress. Of course when purchasing remote DEQXpert services we’ll need you more involved; placing the microphone, making cable connections and using your ears to determine the best settings. If you’re more hands-on you may want to choose a remote DEQXpert tutorial session. We’ll start with an overview of DEQX CAL software and the tools available, its organization and the process flow before diving into the complete tuning process.

A typical DEQXpert session begins with measuring your speakers and building correction filters that can be as simple or complex as your loudspeaker system requires. Then we configure the filters specifically for your speaker setup and load them into the DEQX processor. Next the microphone moves to the listening position to measure where it counts most. We may cycle back and redo measurements, build another filter, or alter the configuration all while auditioning the results and refining decisions using the “unbiased” microphone and your ears as our guide. Finally, we have a look at how the room affects the overall sound and carefully compensate for peaks or nulls with the built-in parametric EQ as we move closer and closer to perfect reproduction.

For DEQXpert remote services we’ll need a stable and reasonably fast (>512Kb/sec) Internet connection, a [free] Skype account for voice and optional video communications, and a small software app that we supply which enables an encrypted connection between our computers. That remote access client generates a unique serial number each time you open it and you must give that number to us in order to enable the connection each time we link-up so you’re in total control of access and there can be absolutely no unauthorized activity. The app requires no installation and can be fully removed by simply deleting the file. When connected this way we can both drive the DEQX CAL software together. You’re able to choose how much of what we do is tutorial or simple observation; we're happy to show our customers the program's abilities to whatever level they feel most comfortable -- from shoulder surfing to apprenticeship! Of course there are limits to what can be accomplished online and we still need your hands, eyes, and... your ears.

Please contact DEQX for pricing information or to arrange a DEQXpert session.
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