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How to install your DEQX HDP–EXPRESS II

The DEQX Express II provides the same preamp, crossover and calibration functionality as the HDP-4. so installation is identical except that the Express II doesn’t provide digital or balanced (XLR) analog outputs.



There are two levels of installation options…


1) Room and Preference EQ

You can use the Express II’s remote control 3-band parametric EQ right out of the box to eliminate the main room resonance and tweak tonal preferences by ear without even connecting to a computer.


2) Speaker Calibration

For ultimate results the Express II takes anechoic measurements of your speakers which provides the highly detailed phase and frequency response details needed to calibrate the speaker itself prior to room measurement. An anechoic measurement (without room reflection echo) is the same type of measurement most speaker designers use to check accuracy. With the exception of measuring planar, dipolar and omnidirectional speakers, room reflections are usually kept out of DEQX speaker measurements achieving the highest levels of phase/timing detail possible.

Every measurement space is different so if possible it’s best to temporarily move speakers away from side or back walls but if that’s not practical there are other ways to remedy the situation. The measurements’ phase and amplitude data is used in creating the calibration template so accuracy is important. Our online DEQXpert installation service or your local dealer/installer make use of a variety of measurement techniques and software adjustments to overcome difficult measurement environments.