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PDC-2.6 & PDC-2.6P,Express Mk1, Express II, HDP-3, HDP-4, HDP-5, MATE, PreMate, PreMate+ Software


Calibration V3.02 Software Upgrade

The latest software for all model processors. Windows 10, 32 & 64-bit, Windows 8 & 8.1 32 & 64-bit, Windows 7, Vista and XP. Includes latest firmware.

v63.3 for PDC-2.6 & PDC-2.6P,Express Mk1.
v201.46 for Express II, HDP-4, MATE, & PreMate.
v201.47 for HDP-5 & PreMate+.

…download upgrade (exe)


Microphone Calibration files

Each microphone supplied by DEQX is individually calibrated and engraved with a serial number.
Look for the number and download the file for that number from the list below.


Behringer Mic Files:
B8-00002 - B8-00100 …Download (mic)
B8-00101 - B8-00199 …Download (mic)
B8-00200 - B8-00300 …Download (mic)
B8-00301 - B8-00388 …Download (mic)
B8-00389 - B8-00403 …Download (mic)


Dayton Mic Files:
Dayton All Microphones …Download (mic)


Earthworks Mic Files
Earthworks All Microphones …Download (mic)


XS-1 Windows USB driver (32 & 64 bit)

New Driver v2.26 Date 29/10/2015 …download upgrade (exe)


Owner‘s manuals

  Download user manual